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Lovely Hong Kong, just to give you an idea.


Me, I'm a Mathematics and Information Engineering student in Hong Kong. I love exploring tech and developing software - to make lives easier and most importantly, to have fun diving into the pool of wisdom.

Also, I have been playing with

C, C++, C# (plus WPF), JavaScript, Python; JAM stack, LAMP stack, MERN stack, MEVN stack; Vue, Nuxt, React; Hugo, Gatsby (static site generator; template design); Django (RESTful API design); Swift, Ionic (iOS application development); Matlab, VB, PHP, SQL, Pascal, HTML (ad hoc programming); Git, Travis (CI/CD pipelines); TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch (machine learning); Kubernetes, Docker, GlusterFS, Heketi, MetalLB (container orchestration); WebGL (with Three.js); Ubuntu, CentOS (Linux server administration); Mathematica (mathematical tool); Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus, Real Analysis; Competitive Programming and so on.

The Blog

The work speaks for itself.

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